Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Automotive Powder Coating

Radiant Powder Coating is a full service shop dedicated to custom Powder Coating and  High Temperature Ceramic Coating application. Conveniently located in Depew, NY we have a 6,000 sq ft shop in a secure industrial building. With our 12′ x 8′ x 8′ oven and 14’x10’x10′ blast room, we can efficiently prepare and coat a variety of parts.

In addition to coating, we also provide media blasting services to clean, debur, or etch parts up to 12′ long and 8′ wide. Multiple abrasive media are available to match your project’s needs including glass bead, aluminum oxide, ceramic bead and plastic media.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will make sure your results meet or exceed expectations. We will gladly review your project and recommend the best course of action to make sure you get the result you want at an affordable price.

Call us today or fill out a request form to get started. Note that all work is custom, and we may need to physically assess the part to give an accurate price.

A few examples of what we can powder coat for you:
Auto and Motorcycle Parts Marine Hardware and Trim Racks and Enclosures
Wheels and Rims Railings and Fences Retail Displays
Exhaust Components Tools Outdoor Furniture
Bicycle and ATV Frames Decorative Items Office Furniture
Lighting Fixtures Signs and Awning Frames Solar Panel Frames