High Performance Ceramic Coating for Firearms, Knives, and More

Cerakote is a thin film ceramic coating designed to provide a high performance and durable finish to firearms, knives, goggles, and other parts. Cerakote bonds to all metals, wood, canvas and most plastics. It protects against scratches, corrosion and chemical solvents, while being thin enough for tight tolerances.

At Radiant, we apply the H and E Series coatings, which are oven cured at 250 – 300 F. We also apply clear coats which are oven or air cured, depending on application. Please visit the Cerakote gallery to see colors and project ideas. Once you see what you like, call us today or fill out a request form to get started.

Preparing for Cerakote
  • Firearms must be clean and disassembled. Only parts that will be coated should be provided (firing pins, springs,and other internal components are not coated). Optics must be disassembled by a professional gunsmith with lenses and electronics removed.
  • Surfaces that need to be masked must be identified. Cerakote is applied at .5 -1 mil thick. Tight fits such as bolts, feed ramps, and ejectors usually are not coated.
  • If multiple colors are being applied, each part’s color needs to be identified.
  • If plastic is being coated, it must be able to hold up to 175 F for 1 hour. Air cure coatings are available if the part is not heat stable.
  • We currently do not apply camo or artistic embellishments at this time. We do apply vinyl masks for 2 color application with provided graphics.
  • We carry some colors in inventory (Graphite Black, Cobalt, SOCOM Blue, Red, Gold, and Sniper Grey). Other colors are available for cost of material + shipping. Click here for the Cerakote color chart