High Temp Ceramic Coatings provides a thermal barrier and a layer of protection from corrosion on high heat engine components such as exhaust manifolds, headers, and pistons. It can also be an option for parts that can’t be powder coated due to bearings or seals that can’t be easily removed.

For more information, including colors, test data and performance videos, please visit the Cerakote High Temperature site.These coatings come in two formulations: Air Cure and Oven Cure. Air Cure parts are not heated in the oven. Instead, cure over a 5 day period (but can be handled after 24 hours). With Oven Cure, parts are cured at 500 F and can handled after cool-down. Depending on application and budget, applying Air Cure has a lower overall cost than Oven Cure, however Oven Cure has more color options and is fully cured same day.

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